Sunday, June 26, 2016

agh - had big leaves growing out of my legs

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Went downtown at night & happened upon a neo-Nazi march. A lot of angry people in the streets. Afterwards there was a Vril society celebration at a renovated church. It was probably more like a Sub Genius revival meeting, very lively & gay, but... I kept trying to leave but could not. I did wind up purchasing one of their books.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Had a dream that went in & out of live action & animation. Some of the animation was from Peanuts with the song below for music. Other parts were animated with art by Geof Darrow which was pretty cool. I was trying to get home & Quimette went crazy & I was thrown into her animated crazy mind which was animated like kids computer games. Eventually I found myself walking barefoot at Central Parkway & Ludlow around sunset...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bart S had had both his legs amputated above the knee and we went to a gun store that ws in the little corner store up the street. It was really hopping and people were in the parking lot target shooting - towards the street!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sorry for the absence my loyal readers but here's a 2fer
The basement window of my garage was broken out. From the kitchen, I noticed a dog climbing out. By the time I got outside, there was a little girl playing in the flower garden outside the window.

My mom was pregnant and she gave birth to a cat. They brought the kitten home & my new little brother took to me immediately.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

I was at Bunny L's house with Mark El, Phil El & Elles. We were trying to leave but they kept getting sidelined. I thought we were finally leaving when Mark El, Phil El & Elles all met in the dining room. As I entered the room they all started to sit down at the dining room table. I screamed, "Don't you fucking sit down!!" Finally they got it together to leave. By that time I had taken my clothes off. NOW they were in a hurry and told me to get dressed. In my rush, I wound up putting all my clothes on inside out. Not wanting to give them another chance to delay, I headed out with my clothes on inside out. A freezing rain had started & we had to climb down a sort of ladder on the side of the house. Later, when it was warm, sunny & clear, Mark El & I came across 2 guys lying in the street bleeding profusely from their mouths. We figured it was a hit & run & rode on as the emergency crews were arriving. Somehow we landed at my house in the basement where we were joined by David Duchovny, or, more to the point, Fox Mulder. Elles & Phil El were reunited as well. Invisible aliens were coming in down or through the walls. Duchovny would spray them with some kind of white glop and we would shoot them. We thought we had them all when weird alien bugs that looked like large blue dragonflies started coming in. They could fly and crawl. I reached into a pile of clutter (that part of my dream was accurate - my basement is a mess) and one of the alien bugs attached itself to my arm. No blue dragonfly, now, but a tan lizard. With a bit of difficulty, I pried his 4 legs off of me but his sucker mouth was firmly attached. I lost some flesh getting him off.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

OK, I dream in cartoon sometimes, but I never watched GI Joe cartoons. I had a GI Joe as a kid. He kicked my sisters' Kens & had affairs with their Barbies, but... So, I was just a kind of ghostly observer in this - no participation. The Joes had the cover of a mound or rock or something & the enemy was beyond in some foothills. The above pictured Joe was standing towards the rear & I was behind everybody. Word had come through that the enemy had surrendered but the battle was still raging. The Joes decided to just kill as many people as possible. Joe didn't move. Just his right arm, outstretched, firing his side arm. At this point the above pictured Jane approached Joe, circled him & then knelt in front of him, opening his pants & preforming oral sex on him. He remained motionless except for his right arm & just blasting away. It dawned on me it might be GI Joe but I knew nothing of the female character. There she was, tho, red hair & all. Well, in my dream she wore a white tank top, but...